Working with Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services, I help produce live streaming online classes for the University of Texas. I currently serve as the Studio Production Specialist in charge of researching, coordinating, and troubleshooting all studio technology.


Our latest renovation project involved the complete overhaul of our main studio space during the two week winter break:

This is a sample of a course broadcast from a studio primarily built for audio recording that was retrofitted to fit a camera crew and 5 piece band. I oversaw the installation of all video equipment and served as the EIC for this broadcast:

Previously, I served as either the technical director, graphics coordinator, or camera operator for nine different courses and three online office hours. It's kind of a hard job to describe, so here's a video from Austin PBS affiliate KLRU featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the program. It also features yours truly. Blue shirt, headset, around 2m38s. Can't miss me.

Work Samples:

PSY 301: Introduction to Psychology

Role: Technical Director | Audience: 1,700 students per class (Taped version re-aired in Spring 2016, same size audience)

Directed the most recent semester of the original live online streaming class. Involved two studios broadcasting simultaneously, a green screen portion, and various segments every class featuring guest interviews, experiments, and studio audience interaction.